December 1st Fire Alarm

On Monday, December 1st, at approximately 9:45 AM, Logan View experienced a power-disruption event.  The event here at Logan View was caused by a phase loss which resulted from electrical work being done within several miles of the Logan View campus.  The electrical disruption lasted approximately 20 minutes.

The immediate result of the event was that some rooms lost lighting and our heat/air systems stopped working for a brief period of time.  Students in rooms without sufficient light were moved to areas within the building where they could work safely and effectively.

All of our safety systems, including fire detection and suppression, remained fully operational throughout the entirety of the event.  Heating and circulation systems were restored to operational status within approximately 30 to 45 minutes and temperatures inside of the building and classrooms were within acceptable ranges at all times.

The phase loss did damage an electrical motor located in the basement of the Jr.-Sr. High School.  The motor is used to recirculate warm water for the boiler heating system.  The damaged motor was detected quickly but it did become extremely hot and the malfunctioning motor generated some smoke before it could be safely shutdown.  There was never any fire here at school, but the smoke that was generated from the damaged motor did ultimately cause our fire alarm to be set off.

Electrical disturbances often create the potential for our fire alarms to be set off, even in cases where there is no actual fire.  Prior to our fire alarms being set off, our staff was notified of the possibility that the alarms may go off.  In these instances, where we anticipate a possible alarm and where the outside weather is cold, our plan is to evacuate the building as a precaution but to first give our students the opportunity to bundle up for the cold before going outdoors. Once the alarms did go off, students and staff were instructed to evacuate the building as a precautionary measure, however, students were instructed to put on their hats, coats, gloves prior to evacuating the building. 

Once the building had been evacuated, the necessary precautions were taken to ensure that the building was safe for reentry, and after approximately 10 minutes, students were brought back inside.  The remainder of the school day was completed without further incident.

These types of events are not ideal because of the disruption that is caused to the school day and the learning environment.  Other factors such as cold weather also increase the complications and disruptions associated with such an event.  I give our students and our staff a great deal of credit for responding to the situation quickly and appropriately.  It is customary for us to evaluate our preparedness and our execution following events such as these, and we’ll utilize that process to analyze this event, as well.

Feel free to contact us, here at the school, if you have additional questions about the matter.



Jeremy Klein, Superintendent

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Hooper Community Foundation Grant Awarded

Logan View Public Schools would like to thank the Hooper Community Foundation for their generous grant of $500 to purchase items for our Emergency Backpack Project.

After completing safety training, the Logan View Safety Committee saw the need to have Emergency Backpacks in every classroom.  If the need would ever arise for a lock down or an off-site evacuation, these backpacks would be readily available and provide items necessary for staff and students to remain safe and secure.

We sincerely appreciate the Hooper Community Foundation's support and dedication to our school!

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