7-12 Media Center

It is the mission of the Logan View Jr./Sr. High School Media Center to ensure that students and staff become life-long learners who are effective and efficient users of information by providing instruction, resources, and services that support the Logan View curriculum.  

Media Update:

March 2024

Today marks the first day of spring!  

As the sun begins to linger a little longer in the sky and the gentle breezes carry the scent of blooming flowers, we welcome the season of renewal with open arms and open books. Springtime, with its promise of growth and transformation, invites us to embark on new literary adventures, to explore worlds both real and imagined, and to rediscover the magic of storytelling.

In our library, Teammates continue to meet with mentees on Tuesdays and Thursdays over lunch.  Our circulation so far for the year is 2,504! The shelves are bursting with tales waiting to be told, characters waiting to be met, and knowledge waiting to be uncovered. Whether students are seeking an escape to distant lands, a journey through history, or a glimpse into the mysteries of the universe, our collection holds treasures for every taste and curiosity.

As the earth awakens from its winter slumber, let us too awaken our minds to the wonders of literature. Let us revel in the beauty of prose, the power of poetry, and the wisdom of the written word. Let us find solace in the pages of a book, inspiration in the stroke of a pen, and joy in the shared experience of reading.

Happy reading!

Library Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Media Specialist:
Mrs. Allison Goff

Media Aide:
Ms. Chelsie Law