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Logan View FCCLA (Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America) participated in District Three STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) competition in February. The event was held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All participants medaled and will move onto the state competition in April which is also being held virtually this year.

Seventh graders, Danika Kreifels and Adelyn Ten Kley, competed in the District 3 STAR event titled, Entrepreneurship. They qualified for state with a silver medal. The group created their own small business selling gift boxes that had a mask, a scrunchie, string bracelet, bookmarks, and two beaded bracelets in each one. To order, go to Trending Treasures and complete the order form!

Ninth graders, Haley Isaac, Autumn Kotik, and Ava Ten Kley, competed in the district STAR event titled, Food Innovations. They qualified for state with a silver medal. The group created their own recipe for a Reese's inspired cupcake and then had 10 people evaluate them. They changed the recipe multiple times to resolve any issues and the result was a delicious cupcake!

Tenth graders, Troia Drey and Jessie Nelson, competed in the Professional Presentation STAR Event. Their project focused on the many different steps through foster care and adoption. After informing themselves through many reliable sources, they prepared various presentation materials and presented each to three different audiences. They did this on the Chapter FCCLA Instagram Account, to their homeroom class, and by writing an article for the Hooper Rustler Sentinel. The two received gold at districts and will be advancing to State Competition!

Tenth grader, Kaylee Hilbers, competed in the district STAR competition in the Job Interview category. She qualified for the state with a gold medal. Kaylee researched the job of a certified nursing assistant position, created a resume, cover letter, obtained two letters of recommendation, and created a portfolio based on all of the information she learned. She was also interviewed by a panel of judges through Zoom to complete her project.

Eleventh grader, Rebekka Jay, received a gold medal at District 3 STAR Competitions with her STAR Project, Career Investigation. This project focused on the career of a foreign diplomat and looking into a college education program for International Relations and Global Politics. She was able to use projects and coursework from her Independent Living FCS class at Logan View to further develop her project.