News Article
The second semester of this year’s school calendar has been amended.  The dates of Friday, February 5th, Friday, March 5th, and Monday, April 5th were originally scheduled as normal days of school in our original school calendar.  Those three dates have now been changed to days of No School for the purposes of Teacher In-Service.

It is vitally important in any year that our teaching staff have the opportunity to learn, to plan, and to work both independently and collaboratively towards district-level goals, building-level initiatives, and classroom-level outcomes.  The extra time that we’ve needed to devote specifically to our Covid operations plans this year has prohibited us from being able to do as much as we need to in this regard.  Additionally, the Nebraska Department of Education has recognized this very need across the entire state and provided a waiver for all schools to substitute days of school for days of planning and for working towards school improvement initiatives.  As such, we are looking to create the opportunity to provide our educational staff with this much needed time in a balanced and timely fashion.

A copy of the amended school calendar showing the changes made to February 5th, March 5th, and April 5th can be viewed by clicking the link below.  Note that no other changes were made to this year’s school calendar.