News Article
The current spectator guidelines that Logan View Public Schools is operating under for home sporting events and activities went into effect on December 1st and had been set to run through Sunday, January 3rd. After examining our local incidence data, conferring with local public health officials, and evaluating our upcoming events calendar, school officials have decided that LVPS will proceed into the month of January utilizing the same spectator protocols for our home events that were in place and utilized for our home events during the month of December. We will continue to utilize these protocols through Wednesday, January 20th.

Between now and January 20th, we will continue to be monitor, evaluate, and anticipate the entirety of the situation as best as we can. Decisions about what guidelines will be in place after January 20th and how long those guidelines will be in place will be made and communicated in advance of January 20th.

We want our student-athletes to have the opportunity to compete and we want our student-athletes to have the opportunity to have as many supporters as possible present for them.  We understand that continuing to maintain tight restrictions on spectator numbers and guidelines does create some disappointment as it limits the opportunities for supporters to be physically present as games, events, and matches.  However all of our decisions are made with two goals primarily in mind:  1) protecting the health and safety of our students, our student-athletes, and our staff, and 2) keeping students in school and keeping our activities available to our students and student-athletes.  All things being equal, we're likely to err on the side of caution in working towards these goals.

A few things that were taken into account as we made this decision:
  1. As we transition to January, the broader environment has not materially changed from where it was for the month of December.
  2. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas our Covid-related absentee rates at Logan View were the highest that they've been all year - experiencing peak rates does not encourage us to loosen restrictions designed to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.
  3. We will begin the month of January coming out of a long break, and we typically expect/experience a increase in incidents following a break - again this runs counter to the idea of loosening our restrictions designed to mitigate spread of the coronavirus.
  4. We anticipate there being the potential for state-level guidance to fluctuate at times during the month of January - this is a possibility due to current statewide rates and a potential post-holiday surge.  By maintaining our current restrictions at the local level, we will reduce the chances for having to unexpectedly change the rules for our parents and participants at various points throughout the month of January.
  5. While our current spectator protocols have limited the ability for more people to spectate at our events, they have proven successful in that 1)  Logan View has not had to cancel any events due to our inability to compete/perform because of any team-wide Covid-related issues, and 2)  the logistics of our home events have proven to be safe, effective, and workable for both participants and spectators.
  6. Committing to our spectator guidelines now through Wednesday, January 20th gives us the ability to communicate clearly, reliably, and definitively with our student-athletes and families about what to expect and to plan for over the next few weeks.  It also gives us the ability to continue to monitor and evaluate things and to then adjust plans/guidelines, as circumstances might (or might not) allow as we head into the final stretches of the winter sports seasons.

A copy of our HOME, spectator guidelines can be viewed on our website in the Athletics & Activities section or by clicking the appropriate link below. 

Note that spectator guidelines at away events may vary significantly from school to school depending upon what protocols that individual schools have in place.  The AD's office makes every attempt to keep LV parents, families, fans informed of other schools' spectator guidelines - spectator guidelines for AWAY events can be viewed on our website in the Athletics & Activities section or by clicking the appropriate link below.