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Kindergarten & 7th Grade Requirements

School is just around the corner! 

Kindergarten students are required to have the following before starting school.

  • Kindergarten physical

  • Up to date Immunizations (your child’s doctor will verify which immunizations will be needed)

  • Vision Exams are required an can be completed by an eye doctor or by the child’s physician

  • Dental Exams are highly encouraged 

  • Kindergarten students are also required to have a certified copy of their birth certificate before starting school.  

Immunizations can be obtained at either your child’s doctor or the Three River’s Health Department. 


7th Grade students are required to have the following before starting school. 

• 7th Grade physical 

• Up to date immunizations and a booster of the Tdap immunization. (Must contain tetanus and pertussis booster) 

We will need a copy of the physical & an updated copy of your child’s immunization records.

Dental exams are not required by the state but are highly encouraged.  A dental form is available on the school website or a note from your child’s dentist with the date of the exam can also be accepted.


If any questions please email Mrs. Miller (School Nurse) at