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Classes At Logan View Cancelled For An Indefinite Period Of Time - Starting Monday, March 16th
Shortly before 9 PM, Sunday, March 15th a recommendation was shared from 3 Rivers Public Health Department that all schools in the ESU2 area be closed for the next 2 weeks.  At that point, our communications were immediately mobilized to begin informing parents and students that classes would be cancelled for an indefinite period of time beginning Monday, March 16th.

Our goal throughout this process has been to carry on with normal school operations for as long as was possible, reasonable, and responsible.  It is important to note that still remains our goal. However, one circumstance that will always cause us to consider the cancellation of school is a recommendation to do so made by the public health department.

Based on our briefings with multiple agencies prior to this point it was clear that one possibility was that our regional health department might recommend that school closures be enacted. Our intention will always be to work in conjunction with the guidelines and recommendations of outside agencies such as the public health department.  The public health department has been monitoring this situation from a state and regional perspective for quite some time and they are in an appropriate position to make this recommendation.  Because of the expertise that the public health department brings to issues such as these, we have determined that it would be best to follow their recommendation and to close school for an idefinite period of time starting immediately on Monday, March 16th.

I encourage parents and familiies to plan on a closure lasting as little as a week but also lasting as long as through the conclusion of the school year.  LVPS officials will monitor this situation on a week by week basis and will make decisions regarding the re-opening of school one week at a time.

More information will be released tomorrow related to how students and parents can obtain personal belongings and school materials from the school buildings.  For the time being, parents and students should not expect to enter the building unless done so under a scheduled format.