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“Between Shades of Gray,” a story you won’t forget


By: Allyssa Thurm

            “Between Shades of Gray” by Ruta Sepetys is a gripping novel. Over all I think the book is great and I enjoy how short the chapters are. But be careful because once you start reading it’ll be hard to stop!

            I think this book would be great for anyone that is in their teens and older. However, I wouldn’t recommend the book to anyone that is younger because it does have some words and even some events in the book that might be too mature for others.

            I would definitely recommend the book to someone that enjoys historical fiction books. Even if you don’t necessarily like to read a lot, I would still recommend sharing this book with someone that enjoys to learn more about historical events. Not only is it a historical fiction book but it has something some stories don’t, which isn’t always a happy ending but an interesting and fearful story.

            Between Shades of Gray is a story that begins in 1941, during WWll. A fifteen-year-old girl named Lina Vilkas and her family are forced out of their homes one night and are charged as criminals by Stalin. From there, Lina’s family and others such as librarians, nurses, teachers, and innocent civilians are treated like animals, and forced to live like animals too.

            Lina is just like any other Lithuanian girl during this time, she enjoys school, reading, writing, and loves to draw.

            Lina and millions of others are put into labor camps without any help, food, or medical treatment. Some people were even sent to the North Pole with nothing but the clothes on their back. Together they all are fighting for their lives through harsh conditions.

            During your free time, you should check out this great book and recommend it to others who might like it.