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Every girl’s dream: dinosaurs at prom

By Breanna Smith

    Mrs. Saylor has been in charge of prom for the last four years. Over those years, the themes have varied from “Arabian Nights” to “Vegas,” themes that included lots of light and color.

    While Saylor is in charge of the prom committee, the planning for the event is mainly done by the junior class. Any junior has the opportunity to put in ideas for a theme, but the whole class gets to vote.

   The theme that was voted second was “Underwater World.” However, that was not the theme that was chosen. This year’s theme is “Jurassic Prom.”

    Of course, while the juniors do all of the planning for the event, prom is really meant to be a special night for seniors. When the juniors decided on this theme, Saylor said she was a little worried.

    “I was worried because I didn’t want it to look like a little kid’s birthday party,” Saylor said.“Now that we’re in the process of planning and getting decorations, I think it’s going to turn out really pretty,” said Saylor.

   Saylor wasn’t the only one that was worried about the theme. Senior Hailey Schiermeyer said she’s had some mixed feelings about it.

    “At first I thought it was a terrible idea, but then I saw the plans and I think it will be pretty cool,” said Schiermeyer.

    Others, like senior Mariellie Jimenez, are interested to see just what the juniors have in mind.

    “I was disappointed at first, but all of the juniors and Mrs. Saylor have been hyping it up so much. I’m not allowed to see the decorations, but I have really high expectations now. If it’s not what I’m expecting I’m going to be really disappointed,” said Jimenez.

    Saylor said she can understand why the seniors have their doubts, but those will probably be dispelled once the actual dance comes.

   “I think a lot of the seniors are worried about the theme for the same reason I was, but I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised,” Saylor said.   

Photo Credit: Breanna Smith/Raider Star

This large, cardboard pterodactyl is going to hang from the ceiling at prom this year.