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Boys basketball team looks to make school history

Photo Caption: Senior Jacob Polk squares up to shoot a free throw. Polk has been the team’s leading scorer throughout the first half of the season.

By Breanna Smith

   Last year, the boys basketball team’s starting line-up consisted of five juniors. This year their line-up is the same, but with the added benefit of another year of practice and experience.

   “I’m really happy with the season and the way it’s progressed. We’ve really played well. Our only loss has been to #1 Wahoo and I really thought we battled through that game,” said Head Coach  Forbes.

   The goal for the team this year is to play for each other instead of focusing on themselves both in practice and during games. Forbes says he definitely believes this has helped them a lot this season.

   “I enjoy seeing how well the guys get along. They’re willing to work together and there’s always a family atmosphere at practice. They all get along so well, there’s no drama, no issues with team chemistry; it’s just fun every day,” says Forbes.

   While the team is currently rated 12 in the district in regards to power points, Forbes says they have many more chances to gain ground in that category.

   “We’ve got a lot of tough games on the schedule. Wahoo was obviously really tough. Elmwood-Murdock, who we’ll play in the holiday tournament, is one of the best teams in  [district] C-2. North Bend is undefeated, and we’ll also face another top-district team with Yutan at the end of the season,” says Forbes.

   After the season opener against Oakland-Craig, Tom Behmer of the “Norfolk Daily News” told Forbes that the team didn’t look like they were playing in the first game of their season.

   “The team chemistry is definitely one of the biggest reasons we’ve been so successful. The seniors have grown up together, and with them getting along so well there’s no jealousy anywhere and they play for each other. They’re willing to accept roles, be happy for each other, and support one another,” Forbes says.

   The biggest goal the team has for themselves right now is the same thing that most teams work towards each season, but Forbes believes that to these boys it means a little bit more.

   “They have goals to reach the State tournament and they know they have to put a lot of hard work in to get there and that there’s no garauntees. I think they understand this is their last season, so they’re giving it their all to make it happen to the best of their ability,” says Forbes.

   Forbes went on to say that he believes that these players are a group that deserves this not only because of their level of skill, but also because of the commitment they have shown to the team over the years.

   “A trip to State would mean everything to them. They would be the first [Logan View basketball] team to ever qualify for the State tournament and they deserve it. They do everything the right way, so a trip to State is definitely something they deserve,” Forbes says.

   However, a trip to the State tournament doesn’t just happen. The team still has work to do in order to qualify, says Forbes.

   “We need to work on getting more output from more players. We play as a team, but it would be even better if we could get some more players to step up and score a bit. If we do that along with Ben and Jacob scoring like they are I think we’ll be really tough to stop. They’re all capable; all starting five and the two off the bench are reliable, and I think if we could just boost our offense a little we’ll have a better chance at State,” says Forbes.