News Article
After school study hall next year

By: Allyssa Thurm

After school study hall is continuing next year as it helps get students on track, but there may be some changes.

Principal Clausen and teachers are still discussing improvements. Although one improvement they are considering according to Clausen is that if students can get their grade up, they will no longer have to stay for the rest of the week. This means if a student has after school study hall and they get their grade up before the end of the week, they will no longer have to attend for the rest of the week. This may encourage students to keep working and Clausen is hoping that it will give students hope.

After school study hall all started three years ago. It started so the students who needed help could receive help from teachers. Having the teachers available at school gives the students a chance to get help with any questions they may have. Especially if they didn’t already take time to do so because of work, activities, or riding the bus. While after school study hall can still interfere with buses, those students can attend Saturday school or combine their time into one day.

The study hall was created not only to help students get the help they need but according to Clausen it is an immediate attention getter for some.

However, improvements and changes will not be final until spring. This means official changes will not be announced until then. They will not be implemented until next fall.