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Why is black friday called black friday

By: Jastina Sommers
When people hear “Black Friday” people think shopping, new things and all the deals that they can get on that day. But what is Black Friday, where did it come from, and why do we have it?
There are different reasons that it could be called Black Friday. The shopping deals that people get on the Thanksgiving break is the most common these days.
But most importantly the money that the stores get on that day, meaning is that is the first day of the year when a store goes from being “in the red” (being in debt) to being “in the black” (making a profit).
This is because so many people start Christmas shopping over the Thanksgiving break. All the money that the stores make from late November to the end of January is their actual profit. According to many sources, including “The New York Times.” This begins on a Friday; therefore we get “Black Friday.”
While that is a positive reason that it was called Black Friday, at first it had a negative ring to it. The Oxford Dictionary said there were specific days like Black Monday, a stock market crash in 1929, and Black Tuesday, a stock market crash 1987 which were already used. Making a “Black Friday” was a natural creation even though there was no stock market crash.
Instead, according to “The New York Times” it referred to the clogged up traffic that would come with the shopping. Philadelphia police worked 12-hour shifts to break up the madness that came with the traffic. It’s cited that they coined the term “Black Friday.”  
This is a little bit about how “Black Friday” came to be, where it’s from and why we have it.