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Mini-career fairs prove to be a success <
 By Breanna Smith

    In past years, Logan View has held an annual career fair. During these, students would spend a day of classes going to different “stations” with representatives from several career fields. This year, there is something different going on.
    Four times each semester a mini-career fair takes place. For each fair there are at least 5 speakers from different career areas that come to the school during Raider Time. Each presentation only lasts through Raider Time so that students do not miss class.
    “We choose who to bring in through surveys that students complete on Naviance and through tests that students complete to clarify career clusters they may be interested in,” explained counselor Mrs. Hanel. 
    The individuals selected to present at career fairs are generally selected because they graduated from Logan View and are successful in their career fields. 
    “The most difficult task is trying to find individuals that live in the area. For future career fairs, we plan to find an individual that we can Skype with for a session, and hopefully this will make scheduling a little easier,” said Hanel.
    Being able to Skype with people would also have advantages apart from clearing up scheduling issues.
    “The reason why we’re doing these career fairs is because we are trying to find Logan View graduates from the last 10-15 years to provide students with tips based on their success from people with a bit more of a connection. The Skype opportunity would give us a chance to help students who are interested in careers that are mainly based out-of-state,” Hanel said.
    At the first career fair, 40 students signed up and attended the information sessions. For the second one, 80 students registered to attend a presentation. 
    So, what is the purpose of having multiple small career fairs as opposed to one larger one? Hanel says there are a few reasons.
    “It definitely makes scheduling way easier. I believe that at day-long career fairs, students are often forced to choose careers that they may have no interest in.  Also, this way we are not taking away from structured educational time. The 25-30 minute time frame during Raider Time offers the perfect amount of time for enough information to be given,” Hanel explained. 
    The next career fair will take place on Monday, Dec. 4.    

​​​​​​​Photo Caption: Ryan Wacker gives a presentation to a group of students in the lecture hall. About 80 students registered to attend a session at the last career fair.