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Football team exercises leadership

By Breanna Smith

    The football team’s current record is 4-2. Head Coach Dustin Sealey is pleased with both this winning record and the way the players have worked to achieve it.

    “We’re playing well, getting better every week, and we’ve won a couple of big games, so I would say it’s going well so far,” said Sealey.

    Sealey isn’t the only one excited about the team’s momentum. Senior Jacob Polk said he is enjoying the season so much for this reason.

Photo Caption: Senior Jacob Polk (#11) leaps to grab an interception in the Sep. 15 game against Stanton. The Raiders currently hold a record of 4-2 and hope to continue their winning trend.

    “I’m enjoying the season because I enjoy winning, and that seems to be the trend right now,” said senior Jacob Polk.

    The team started out the season with a win over Palmyra, and has since won other games against Yutan, Stanton, and Tekamah-Herman. Their focus at this point lies in improving constantly.

    “My favorite part of the season so far has been seeing the guys lead and improve each week,” Sealey said. “I tell them all the time “The better leaders you are, the better the team will be.”

    Polk also agreed with this statement, saying his favorite part of the season so far has been seeing the comittment from players in every class. 

    The team is partially led by six seniors this year: Jacob Polk, Nathan Taylor, Brandon Hagerbaumer, Nolan Miller, Jayvin Benevante, and Nate Adams. However, they aren’t the only ones “leading” the team.

    Sealey stated that leadership is not something he looks for only in seniors and upperclassmen - it’s something he expects from his whole team. 

    “In each class, from freshmen to seniors, there are players demonstrating leadership, both vocally and by example, and that’s so important to how we play,” said Sealey.

    Football season can get long for some players, and sometimes it can be difficult for athletes to find motivation.

    “Of course as coaches we try to motivate our players, but it really comes down to what’s inside of them. If you’re out for football, or any team for that matter, you have to be able to keep yourself motivated,”

    Polk said that he keeps himself motivated during games by reminding himself that anything can happen.

    “You have to remember that it’s not over until it’s over,” said Polk. “You wouldn’t play the game if the outcome was decided beforehand.”

    Sealey is enjoying the team’s success so far, but is not letting this go to his head too much. As for how he believes the season will end, Sealey simply stated, “It just depends on how we play.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy Photo/Amy Kremke