News Article
October Student of the Week recipients are amazing examples of students that show the Raider Spirit!  

Jacob Smith is an overall, great Raider for the week of October 5th.  He showed so much Raider spirit for the softball team and cheered them on throughout the season.  Way to go, Jacob!!

 Domenic Bayliff was chosen during the week of October 12th. Domenic loves to learn and is taking advantage of high school classes.  He is a strong independent student, but can also collaborate on group projects and activities.  We are proud of you, Domenic!

 Brooklyn Taylor earned Raider Student of the Week during the week of October 26th.  She helped the kitchen by fixing the cord for the salad bar without being asked. She is also really nice and stays positive during games and hypes up her team! When someone doesn't have a partner she always offers to be a partner.
Keep up the great work, Brooklyn!