News Article
Logan View National Honor Society members hosted a sock drive in each Raider Time class, encouraging students to bring in socks to donate to those in need.  Mr. Frye's seventh grade class won the honors by donating 125 pairs of socks!  The entire Logan View student body donated over 600 pairs of socks.  The National Honor Society and Mr. Frye's Raider Time class visited The Bay in Lincoln to present them with the donation.  The Bay provides a safe place for misfits in Lincoln to go where they have something to do, someone who cares, and somewhere they are safe. Their mission is to provide economically and culturally disadvantaged youth with the belonging and purpose they need to grow and reinvest in their community. 
Logan View students have been engaged in videos and lessons by Mike Smith, co-founder of The Bay and four other non-profit organizations.  
Well done, Logan View Raiders, on a worthy service project!