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21-22 LVPS Safe Return Plan

A Safe Return to school plan for the start of the 2021-2022 school year was adopted by the LVPS board of education on Monday, July 12th.  A copy of that plan is available on the homepage of the Logan View website.

Currently, the 21-22 school year is expected to start in what we’ll refer to as Tier I of our plan.  When we start the upcoming school year, a number of practices and procedures that we had utilized during the recent 20-21 school year will not be in place.  Most notably, universal masking requirements will not be utilized at the start of this school year – that is to say that the use of masks/face coverings will be entirely optional for students, staff, and visitors.  We encourage any students, staff, or visitors who wish to wear a mask/face covering to feel comfortable doing so.  Based on recommendations that have been provided to us by the Three Rivers Health Department, we recommend that unvaccinated individuals consider the use of a mask/face covering when distancing cannot be practiced while indoors.

This year’s Safe Return plan has both some differences and some similarities when compared to the plan that was utilized last year.  We are in a little bit of a different situation now than we were one year ago.  While there is a great deal that we still don’t know, we do know more than we did know a year ago, and access to vaccination for those ages 12-and-up has also helped to improve the road in front of us.  We expect the larger macro environment to likely be affected by the covid pandemic for quite some time.  Given the gains that have been made and the possibility of the SARS-COV-2 virus becoming somewhat endemic, our goals are to work towards operating in our current reality while learning how to limit disruptions that our mitigation efforts might cause to our learning environments and our school operations.  While it’s likely not possible to accurately define what “normal” is, in simplest terms, our intent is to try to work our way back to normal.  It will require us to find a delicate balance and it’s possible that we may not always get it right. But our goal is to find a harmonious balance between maintaining health and safety while limiting disruption, and our plan supports those intentions.  I’m confident that through the combined efforts of our staff, our students, our parents, and our communities we will continue to move successfully through this challenging period while supporting the learning and the general welfare of all Logan View students.

A common area of concern that was shared with the school through our parent surveys were concerns about acceptance and positivity towards students who did wear masks/face coverings while at school.  School personnel recognize this concern and intend to help students and families resolve these concerns in a positive and proactive manner.  As the start of school approaches, we encourage parents to consider some of the following steps for beginning to address these concerns.

  • Talk with your student well in advance of the start of school about any worries or anxiety that they may have when it comes to wearing a mask at school while some of their peers may not be.  Discuss with your student the reasons why wearing a mask is an appropriate choice for them.
  • Discuss with your student a variety of ways that they can positively respond to questions or in uncomfortable situations related to their mask wearing.  Help them to practice their responses or reactions so they are more confident in their ability to successfully handle a variety of social and peer situations.
  • Discuss your concerns as a parent with your student’s school, teacher(s), etc., and maintain a positive, open dialogue with school staff about any continuing concerns or lack of concerns that you may have.
  • Parents of students who might not wear masks/face coverings to school can also discuss with their students about importance of respecting differences and how they can be a positive and supportive peer to their friends and classmates.

If you would like some information about the walk-in vaccination clinics that are held each week by the Three Rivers Public Health Department you can click this link: Vaccination Information.  You can also call them at 402-727-5396 for additional information.