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20-21 LVPS School Re-Entry Plan: Introduction
 on July 24, 2020

Below you will find links to two documents intended to provide the public with information related to the start of the 20-21 school year and our school re-entry plans.  The first document is a summary of general information that might prove helpful in answering some of the more immediate questions that our students, families, and communities may have regarding our returning to school.  The second documen...

Kindergarten & 7th Grade Requirements
 on July 08, 2020

School is just around the corner!  Kindergarten students are required to have the following before starting school. Kindergarten physical Up to date Immunizations (your child’s doctor will verify which immunizations will be needed) Vision Exams are required an can be completed by an eye doctor or by the child’s physician Dental Exams are highly encouraged  ...

2020-2021 School Supply List
 on July 08, 2020

Please click on the link below to access the school supply list for this fall. 


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