Mr. Jeremy Klein, Superintendent

My name is Jeremy Klein; I became the superintendent of Logan View Public Schools in July of 2012. 

Logan View is both a school district and a school-community.  We have a proud history and we have a promising future.  Logan View's greatest resource always has been and always will be its people - that includes outstanding students, exceptional staff, and unparalleled parent and community supporters.  I am blessed to be a part of such an outstanding team and such a unique community.  My family and I are proud to be able to call Logan View our home, and we are fortunate for the education that our children have received at Logan View.

I hold firmly to the notions that 1) schools should add value to the lives of the students and the families that it serves, 2)  education truly is the great equalizer in a society, 3)  setting high expectations for students will not lead to student success unless you are also willing to provide the support necessary for each student to meet those expectations, and 4)  the two skills that any school should seek develop in its students are resilience and hard-work.

I look forward to the challenge, the responsibility, and the opportunity to continue to help lead the Logan View Public Schools district into the future for the benefit our children, our students, our families, and our communities.

Go Raiders.