Goals and Objectives

Each program, coach/sponsor, and participant will strive:
  • To work with others- a person must develop self-discipline, respect for authority, and the spirit of hard work and sacrifice.  The team and its objectives must be placed higher than personal desires.
  • To be successful- we do not always win, but we succeed when we continually strive to do so.
  • To develop sportsmanship- to accept any defeat like a true sportsman, knowing we have done our best, we must learn how to be respectful of others.  We need to develop emotional control, honesty, cooperation, and dependability.
  • To continuously improve- we want to establish goals and constantly try to reach those goals.  When goals are met we strive to reach new higher goals.
  • To enjoy activities- it is necessary to enjoy participation, to acknowledge all of the personal rewards to be derived from activities, and to give sufficiently of themselves in order to preserve and improve the program.
  • To develop desirable personal health habits- To be an active, contributing citizen, it is important to obtain a high level of physical fitness through exercise and good health habits, and to develop the desire to maintain this level of physical fitness after formal competition has been completed.
  • To provide opportunities that will allow the program to serve as a classroom where the students learn to cope with problems and deal with situations similar to those encountered as a part of daily life.  These opportunities could include, but are not limited to:
    • Physical, mental, and emotional growth and development.
    • The acquisition and development of special skills in activities the students choose to be a part of.
    • Team play with the development of such characteristics as loyalty, cooperation, fair play, and other desirable social traits.
    • Directed leadership and supervision that stresses self-discipline, self-motivation, excellence, and the ideals of good sportsmanship that develop a habit of winning and losing graciously.
    • Achievement of initial goals as set by the school, the program, and the student as an individual
      1. To enable all participants to expand possibilities for future vocational pursuits.
    • To provide sufficient activities that we offer an outlet for a wide variety of student interests and ability levels.
    • To strive for excellence that will produce successful programs within the bounds of good sportsmanship.
    • To create a desire to succeed and excel.
    • To provide for the constructive use of leisure time now and in the future.
    • To develop high ideals of fairness in all human relationships.
    • To practice self-discipline and emotional maturity in learning to make decisions under pressure.
    • To be socially competent and operate within a set of rules, thus gaining a respect for the rights of others.
    • To develop an understanding of the value of participation as part of a balanced educational program.
    • To provide a positive image of school activities at Logan View Public Schools.

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