Dance Handbook Parent/Student Acknowledgement 16

Medical Release Form 18

Inherent Risk Form 20

Parental Release Form 22



Dancers are student leaders who exemplify and promote school spirit, pride, and sportsmanship. Dancers enhance a positive school climate by exhibiting leadership skills, such as respect for individual differences, building consensus, academic excellence, and modeling appropriate behaviors at all times, both in and away from school.


Dancers are expected to be mentally and physically fit and athletically skilled in the field of dancing. They are first and foremost representatives of their school. Because of these responsibilities, members of the dance team will be expected to maintain a high standard of behavior both on and off campus. In or out of uniform, dancers are representatives of the dance team and the school.


As leaders, dancers are expected to set good examples and demonstrate high moral standards for other students. Respect for the school, other members of the team, and the sponsor and his/her authority will be maintained at all times.




The rules and procedures outlined in these guidelines are in effect from the time the student is selected to the dance team until the next tryout date. This does not include the academic guidelines. Because of Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) rules, the academic policies are in effect for a school year.




It is the practice of Logan View Public Schools to utilize the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) and Logan View High School guidelines to regulate and govern the dance program with regard to no pass/no play, eight-hour practice limitations and all other applicable regulations. The dance program will follow the eligibility requirements as outlined by the NSAA and LVHS.



    • A student must be enrolled in Logan View Public Schools and be in attendance by the first day of the second semester. Principal has discretion to determine participation for students new to district.

    • A student must have a cumulative GPA of 80 or better as of the preceding semester.

    • A student must meet state guidelines for compulsory attendance.

    • A student must have no outstanding balance for prior year financial obligations.

    • A student must have never received deferred adjudication and/or a conviction for a Class B misdemeanor or higher-class crime conviction.

    • Students who have been expelled or sent to discipline school on mandatory placements during the current school year are ineligible to tryout.

    • A student may not be eligible if he/she has resigned or been dismissed from the dance team in the previous year. However, if he/she resigns due to circumstances out of his/her control, the sponsor and activities director will determine whether he/she may be considered for tryouts the following year.




Candidates selected to be a member of the dance team are expected to make a commitment to the activity for the full dance season. Any dancer who voluntarily quits the team before the end of the dance season without the approval of the principal and sponsor may not be allowed to tryout for the next year.




Procedures for dancer selection are based on the guidelines in this handbook. The school will be responsible for facilitating the tryouts for their campus. Parents will not be allowed in the building during any phase of the tryouts.


Each sponsor will be responsible for the preparation and distribution of a packet of information to be made available to all candidates. This information will include tryout dates, times, attire, and procedures. The activities director will approve this information prior to distribution.


Candidates must attend an orientation meeting scheduled by the dance sponsor. Candidates must have no outstanding financial obligations from the prior year. All dance candidates must attend a clinic prior to tryouts.


Candidates and parents must sign a form stating that they understand and will comply with all information in the packet and in this handbook prior to the student being allowed to participate in the tryout process. The following forms must be signed and turned in to sponsor prior to tryouts:

  • Dance Handbook Parent/Student Acknowledgement

  • Medical Release Form

  • Inherent Risk Form

  • Parental Release Form




The varsity team will be made up of up to 12 members as determined by a natural break in the scores.




Judges will be selected from NDA, UDA, and/or other professional dance associations, universities, and/or out-of-district sponsors. Judges should not be hired if they have tutored or taught the dance candidates during the current school year. It is best practices to hire judges who have not worked with students in the Logan View area; however, with our tight knit community, it may be possible at some time that a member of the judging panel may have had some contact with a candidate.




Tryouts are closed to everyone except judges, principals, sponsors, tabulators, and sponsor’s designees. There will be no students, parents, or existing dancers in the tryout areas, nor will they be involved in the collection or tabulation of scores. No parents are allowed in the school building during tryouts. Students and sponsors may not utilize electronic devices or texting during tryouts. Any deviation from the tryout requirements by the candidates may result in the disqualification of the candidate.

Any student who arrives at the tryout site after tryouts have started will not be allowed to try out.




The following guidelines determine membership for the dance team beginning in grade 8: Performance (60%); Academics and Citizenship (40%)



Appearance 10 points

(Neatness, posture, grooming, general appeal)

Memory 10 points

(ability to memorize choreography)

Beat/Rhythm 10 points

(Ability to feel and stay with the beat of the music)

Dance Skills 10 points

(Coordination, precision, appropriate motion with the music)

Showmanship/Enthusiasm 10 points

(Poise, grace, self-confidence, eye-contact, audience appeal, positive expression of energy/pep)


Technical Skills

Toe Touch 10 points

Splits 10 points

Double Pirouette 10 points

Split Leap 10 points

Kick-line 10 points


Citizenship and Academics


The citizenship and academic evaluation represents 40% of the candidate’s total score. Points for this category will include Teacher Recommendation scores.




Tabulation of scores will be conducted by the sponsors. For each high school candidate this will be an average of the judge’s scores.


Scores will be kept in the office of the sponsors until winners and non-winners are notified. Candidate’s original scoring sheets will be retained for 30 days following the tryout date.




A candidate for the dance team may show a video of his/her performance for the judges only if he/she is incapable of required physical activity. Sponsors must receive a doctor’s note the day after the injury or the first day of the clinic and must state the reason(s) for the inability to tryout. The medical doctor’s note must indicate the specific skill the student is incapable of performing as well as any limitations associated with the injury. The video to be shown must be approved by the sponsor and should be no more than three to six months old. The final determination of eligibility to tryout using a video will be at the sponsor’s discretion. The video will be judged using the same criteria as outlined in this section.




The sponsors will tabulate scores and calculate to the nearest one-hundredth. In the event of a tie, the judges’ scores on motions will determine the winner. Candidates will receive notification of results on the day of tryouts. The notification message will only identify the selected candidates based on assigned tryout numbers. No candidate’s name, rank, or score will be included in the notification.


Candidates who did not make the team may request their scores through the school activities director and dance sponsor. By law, all other student scores are protected and cannot be shared. Rank scores will not be shared. Original judges’ score sheets will not be released to parents or students. All records and scores will be purged prior to the next year’s tryouts.




All dancers will have a scheduled practice time to allow for planning and practice. Dance practices and performances are under the umbrella of NSAA time limit restrictions. Special practices may be called by the sponsor when necessary. However, due to NSAA procedures, the eight-hour limit will apply to practice held outside of the school day.


Football—All home games, with sponsor’s discretion on play-off games.


Basketball—All home games, with sponsor’s discretion on play-off games.


Wrestling-- All home meets.


Camps/Clinics—Dance camp held in June, July, or August. (Camp/clinic instruction is an integral part of program quality; attendance is required.)


Participation in other sports events, community activities, and social occasions will be at the discretion of the sponsor.


Students must be present the last half of the school day to participate in an activity.


Dancers may not leave a practice, class, or any other activity at any time unless approved by the sponsor.

  • Any absence must have the prior approval of the sponsor.

  • Prior notification of conflicts with school activities will be addressed with the sponsors and, when appropriate, the activities director.

  • Work is not considered an excuse for an absence.




All uniform and practice attire is approved by the sponsors. While performing, each member is expected to:


Wear proper attire as directed.

  • The uniform must match team members at all official functions

  • The uniform is worn to official functions only, and a member may perform only if he/she is in the complete required uniform.

  • If the dancer is not in proper uniform (including, but not limited to, secured hairstyle, ribbons, dance shoes), he/she will contact a family member to bring the necessary uniform.

  • A specific uniform will also be required for each practice.

    • For practice the dancer must wear clothing conducive to an active practice. The dancer is expected to wear his/her practice wear (shorts or leggings and tshirt or camp tank) and dance shoes. The dancer is also expected to bring his/her poms to every practice.


Keep uniforms clean, pressed, and mended at all times.

  • Reflect grooming standards as directed by the sponsor, including, but not limited to:  

    • Makeup that is coordinating with team

    • Secured hairstyle

    • Nails that are well-groomed

    • No visible jewelry, including body piercing

    • No visible tattoos

    • No gum chewing or candy

    • Shoes are cleaned with no additional adornments

  • Parents are financially responsible for the replacement of school-issued uniforms and equipment; at the end of the school year, launder and return all school-issued uniforms.




The team will participate in one summer camp and may elect to participate in state competitions with the approval of the administration.




A thorough description of appropriate practices and procedures for fundraising is outlined within the document, LVHS Activities Handbook. Individuals directly responsible for fundraising should refer to the document and District policy for complete directions. The following is important information for all members and parents:

  • Each dancer shall participate in fundraising activities.

  • Fundraising activities must support the educational goals of the District.

  • Fundraising will be coordinated by the sponsor, and/or Booster Club officers, approved by the activities director, and must include a written request outlining the need for funding, the type of fundraising activity, the projected amount to be raised, how the money will be used, and the time and duration of the activity.

  • Efforts should be made to avoid conflict with other school organizations attempting to raise funds. Sponsors are required to keep a detailed account of income and expenditures of student money, with all transactions processed through a campus activity account.



There are a possibility of one Captain or two Co-Captains. The captain/co-captains serve in a leadership role as a liaison between dancers, students, and faculty. He/she also serves as a liaison between sponsors and other dancers and is the spokesperson for the program in public meetings and in front of the student body. The following is expected of this position:

  • Communicates information to team members regarding upcoming activities, such as uniform requirements and practice schedules

  • Teaches or organizes all dances and routines for camp, games, and competitions

  • Assists the sponsor in planning all pep rallies

  • Organizes the creation, placement, and removal of signs and items throughout the school and stadium

  • Carries out all other duties assigned by the sponsor

  • Organizes game day sidelines.

  • Captain/Co-captains may be removed from the position for conduct that occurs on or off campus that is detrimental to the school or team as determined by the sponsor and athletic director..




If there is an opening in the dance team for any reason prior to the first day of school, the sponsor may fill the opening by reviewing the ranked scores from tryouts.




The dance program will follow the eligibility requirements as outlined by the NSAA and LVHS.


All conduct grades must be satisfactory. If a dancer receives a grade of “D” or lower, a meeting will be held with the dancer, parent, teacher, sponsor, and campus administrator.




Upon the completion of tryouts, selected dancers will be subject to all rules, expectations, and discipline consequences associated with the new team. All discipline actions will affect the dancer’s standing on his/her team after tryouts and throughout the following academic year. Any member failing to abide by rules and regulations as set forth under the provisions may be subject to review by the sponsor and activities director. Dismissal from the group may result from that review.


The guidelines for student discipline are outlined in the Student Code of Conduct adopted by the Logan View Public Schools. Additional standards of behavior for students involved in extracurricular activities are:

  • Logan View Public Schools 7-12 Student-Parent Handbook

  • Logan View Public Schools Student-Parent Activities Handbook

  • NSAA



  • Team members will be dressed, stretched and ready at least 15 minutes prior to start time of game and/or practice.

  • Cell phone usage is not permitted during practices or games.

  • Practices

    • Practices will generally be held in the morning before classes (6:30 am - 7:45 am) and possibly on holiday breaks and Saturdays.

    • Breaks will be provided, however, must be completed in a timely manner to avoid additional practice time.

    • No electronic devices are permitted during practice unless used to play necessary music.

    • All dancers must be dressed in appropriate practice wear. If he/she is not it will he/she will be asked to go home and come back in appropriate practice wear. This will count as a tardy practice.

    • All dancers are required to attend all practices throughout the year.  

        • If you are late 2 times, you will not dance at the event following the tardy practice.  

        • Communication needs to be made with the sponsor 24 hours prior to missing a practice.  The student will not be able to dance at the event directly following the unexcused absence.

        • If you oversleep or have an emergency come up, please call or text both sponsors and let them know what happened.  This communication has to take place or it will be counted as an unexcused absence and you will not dance at the next event.

  • Games

    • Dancers will be stretched ready 15 minutes prior to the start of the game to do sidelines during warm-ups

    • Dancers will sit as a group and perform sidelines when the band is playing and during warm-ups.

    • Electronic devices are not permitted during the game.

    • Dancers will use 15 minutes of the 2nd quarter to prep as a team for the half time performance.




Lettering will be based on a point system.  The member has to earn 6 points in the season to earn a letter, each item is worth 1 point.

  • The member followed the Logan View High School Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook.  

  • The member maintained a 3.0 GPA.

  • The member attended all mandatory events throughout the year.

  • The member participated in a fundraising programs.  

  • The member participated in instruction of a dance.

  • The member represented Logan View High School as a positive role model.  

  • The member attended additional camps and/or trainings outside of team camp.

  • The member served as a captain/co-captain for the year.


***All decisions regarding lettering will be left up to the coach/sponsor.***





Student participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged. Logan View High School makes extracurricular activities available as an extension of the regular school program, with an important difference: participation in the regular curriculum is a right afforded to each student, while participation in the extracurricular program is a privilege that carries additional expectations for acceptable conduct. Students who engage in extracurricular activities represent not only themselves but also other students and the District when performing, competing, or participating in extracurricular activities and while wearing uniforms or other clothing that identifies the student to the community or public in any setting as a Logan View student. Behavior must be exemplary and reflect the finest attributes of the Logan View student body at all times and in all places.


Important goals of the extracurricular program are to give students direction in developing self-discipline, responsibility, pride, loyalty, leadership, teamwork, respect for authority, and healthy living habits.


Since participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege and not a right, Logan View is authorized to set higher standards for participants of extracurricular activities than for students who choose not to participate in extracurricular activities. The expectations for extracurricular activities extend beyond the Logan View Student Code of Conduct, not only in types of behavior prohibited, but also in corresponding consequences and jurisdiction for imposing discipline. Extracurricular expectations apply to all students participating in extracurricular activities, regardless of whether:

  • School is in session;

  • The offense occurs on or off school property or at a school-related event;

  • The student is directly involved with the extracurricular activity at the time the prohibited conduct occurs; The extracurricular activity is in-season; and

  • Regardless of where or when the conduct occurs.


It is possible that a student who violates the Logan View Student Code of Conduct will incur consequences from both the appropriate school administrator and from his or her coach or sponsor for the same particular violation. It is also possible that a student participating in extracurricular activities may violate the Extracurricular Standards and be subject to discipline or sanctions by a coach or sponsor without having violated the Logan View Student Code of Conduct.




Coaches, administrators, and sponsors will review all facts and circumstances surrounding a particular event and determine appropriate disciplinary action or sanctions.

1st offense – Parent/student/sponsor/administrator conference to discuss the event and sanctions.

2nd offense – Parent/student/sponsor/administrator conference to discuss the event, sanctions, and possible dismissal.

3rd offense – Parent/student/sponsor/administrator conference to discuss the event, sanctions, and dismissal.

Any event may be serious enough to result in removal from the extracurricular activity at any step. Dismissal will be determined by the parent/student/sponsor conference on the second and third offense. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to: physical activity, bench time, and loss of playing or performance opportunities. Nothing in the Activities Handbook limits the authority of a sponsor to impose reasonable sanctions for students who breach program conduct expectations that are not Student Code of Conduct breaches. Signing the

Dance Handbook Parent/Student Acknowledgement is receipt and agreement to the expectations outlined in the Extracurricular Standards of Behavior. Decisions of the sponsor and activities director are final.



Reasons for permanent dismissal from the dance team include but are not limited to:

  • Academic Removal – If academically ineligible for three reporting periods, consecutive or nonconsecutive, removal for the remainder of the year

  • Unexcused absence from more than two performances over the course of the dance season.

  • Failure to meet behavior expectations in the Extracurricular Standards of Behavior Expulsion

  • Not completing financial obligations by the last day of the first semester.


Prior to being dismissed, the student and parent will be notified of the reason for the action. Student and parent will be afforded the opportunity of a hearing with the sponsor and activities director. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the building activities director within five school days. The student will not be eligible for any individual or team recognitions or awards that occur after the date of dismissal.




Whether to have a team that enters competition is a decision to be made by the administration and sponsors. This activity will not interfere with the regularly scheduled activities of the dancers.




In the event of inclement weather, it will be the responsibility of the sponsors, in collaboration with the activities director, to make the decision to leave the event.




Each dancer shall ride school-provided transportation to and from out-of-town games. A phone call request from the parent/guardian is required for the student to be released to the parent. 48 hour prior approval from the sponsor is required. The penalty for missing school-provided transportation is suspension from that night’s performance and the following performance.


If the dancers meet at the campus prior to going to the stadium/event, then school-provided transportation must be utilized. If the dancers meet initially at the stadium/event, then students may utilize their own means of transportation to the event.




The Logan View Dance Team may provide specialty uniform pieces and will provide summer camp fees. Additional uniform pieces, camp uniforms, clothing items, bags, sweaters, and practice attire are purchased by the parent/dancer and must be approved by the sponsors and student handbook regulations prior to purchase.

50% of uniform costs are due at time of uniform fitting. The other 50% is due before the uniform ordered, May 1st.

Dancers are expected to notify the sponsors by May 1st if camp will not be attended. If not notified by this date the dancer/parent is responsible for the camp fees.

Cost breakdown is listed below.


Dance Top with lettering $90

Dance Pants $45

Dance Skirt $35

Jazz Shoes $25

Pom Accessories Package $125

Includes: Poms, Undergarments, Parade/Field shoes, Dance Shorts

Practice/Camp Wear $75

Jacket with Lettering $60

T-shirts (throughout the year) $45


Estimated Total $500


From the Student Handbook.

(2) Personal or Consumable Items & Miscellaneous.

(a) Extracurricular Activities.  Students have the responsibility to furnish any personal or consumable items for participation in extracurricular activities.

(3)  Extracurricular Activities - Specialized Equipment or Attire. “Extracurricular activities” means student activities or organizations, which are supervised or administered by the District, which does not count toward graduation or advancement between grades, and in which participation is not otherwise required by the District.  The District will generally furnish students with specialized equipment and attire for participation in extracurricular activities.  The District is not required to provide for the use of any particular type of equipment or attire.  Equipment or attire fitted for the student and which the student generally wears exclusively, such as dance squad, cheerleading, and music/dance activity (e.g. choir or swing choir) uniforms and outfits, along with T-shirts for teams or band members, will be required to be provided by the participating student. The cost of maintaining any equipment or attire, including uniforms, which the student purchases or uses exclusively, shall be the responsibility of the participating student. Equipment which is ordinarily exclusively used by an individual student participant throughout the year, such as golf clubs, softball gloves, and the like, are required to be provided by the student participant.  Items for the person medical use or enhancement of the student (braces, mouthpieces, and the like) are the responsibility of the student participant.  Students have the responsibility to furnish personal or consumable equipment or attire for participation in extracurricular activities or for paying a reasonable usage cost for such equipment or attire.  For musical extracurricular activities, students may be required to provide specialized equipment, such as musical instruments, or specialized attire, or for paying a reasonable usage cost for such equipment or attire.

(11)  Waiver Policy.  The District’s policy is to provide fee waivers in accordance with the Public Elementary and Secondary Student Fee Authorization Act.  Students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunches under United States Department of Agriculture child nutrition programs shall be provided a fee waiver or be provided the necessary materials or equipment without charge for:  (1) participation in extracurricular activities and (2) use of a musical instrument in optional music courses that are not extracurricular activities.  Participation in a free-lunch program or a reduced-price lunch program is not required to qualify for free or reduced-price lunch waivers for purposes of this section.  Students or their parents must request a fee waiver prior to participating in or attending the activity, and prior to the purchase of materials.




Parents are partners with the school and are expected to support the dance program, dancers, and sponsors through attending performances, meeting financial obligations in a timely manner, and assisting in fundraising, among other supportive measures. Addressing concerns should be communicated with the coach/sponsor and team member first. If resolve is not found a meeting will be scheduled with the activities director. In serious circumstances, all parties should respect a 24 hour cool down period and then a meeting will be set up with the sponsors, dancer and activities director. Mutual respect is imperative, and lack of civility will not be tolerated. Individuals who speak in a demanding, loud, insulting or demeaning manner, or otherwise disrupt operations, will be directed to leave the school or District property.



Tryout clinics will be as followed:

Monday, February 27th: 6:30am - 7:30 am

Tuesday, February 28th: 7:15am - 8:00am

Wednesday, March 1st: 7:15am - 8:00am

Thursday, March 2nd: 7:15am - 8:00am

Friday, March 3rd: 7:15am - 8:00am


Tryouts will be Saturday March 4th at 9:00 am

You should wear

- a plain white t-shirt

- black leggings or shorts

- dance shoes or tennis shoes.

Your make-up should be natural looking.

Your hair should be pulled back into a bun.

The following form must be returned to Sra. Leinart or Miss Johnson by

Thursday, February 23rd

Logan View Dance Handbook Parent/Student Acknowledgement



We have read and understand the policies, procedures, practices, and expectations outlined in the Logan View Dance Handbook. We agree to adhere to these guidelines as a condition for voluntary participation in the dance program and understand that failure to do so may result in disciplinary measures and removal from the program.


______________________________________________________________ ______________________

Parent Signature Date


______________________________________________________________ ______________________

Dancer Signature Date


The Logan View Dance Handbook Parent/Student Acknowledgement was submitted to my office:


______________________________________________________________ _____________________


Sponsor Signature Date



The following form must be returned to Sra. Leinart or Miss Johnson by

Thursday, Feburary 23rd

Medical Release Form



Student’s Name:___________________________________________________ Grade:________________


I certify that___________________________________________________ is physically capable and able to fulfill requirements needed to be a dancer. I understand that this form legally releases all obligations and responsibilities for the medical treatment of my son/daughter in the event of illness or injury during any squad-related activity when either parent cannot be reached. If there is any physical or medical reason why he/she should not participate fully, the school requires a doctor’s release. Furthermore, the school is not liable for any injury incurred during dancing.


Parent’s signature:___________________________________________________________  Date:__________


Medical Treatment Permission


In the event of an emergency occurring while my son/daughter is on a school-sponsored practice, performance, or trip, I grant my permission to the school and its employees to take whatever action necessary. In the event that I cannot be reached, I hereby authorize the school and/or its employees to give consent for my son/daughter,

________________________________________________________, to receive medical treatment.


Home phone:_________________________________ Business phone:________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________City:________________________________________ State:______________________  Zip:______________


Person to be notified other than parent or guardian in an emergency: Name:_________________________________________ Phone:______________________________________

Family doctor: ___________________________________________  Phone:_____________________________


If you do not grant permission/authorization for consent to medical treatment, what procedure should be followed?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Insurance company:___________________________________  Policy number:_________________________


Parent signature:______________________________________________________  Date:__________________


Medical Information

Circle One


Circle One

Heart condition/disease









Allergic to medication



Convulsions disorder



Allergic to insect bites



State allergies:_____________________________________________________________________________

Medications currently taking:____________________________

Additional pertinent medical information:_______________________________________________________

**This information is classified and will be kept for emergency purposes only.


The following form must be returned to Sra. Leinart or Miss Johnson by

Thursday, Feburary 23rd  

Inherent Risk Form



Inherent Risks of Dancing


Dancing is reasonably safe as long as certain guidelines are followed, but there is the inherent risk of injury as in any athletic activity. Dancing is an anaerobic/aerobic activity that includes jumping, motions, and tumbling. All physicals must be on file in the school office before you may participate in practices and games. Keep your coach informed of all injuries and/or chronic conditions.


Although the probability of injury is minimized if you practice correctly, there is always the possibility of one occurring. Injuries that can occur in cheerleading include, but are not limited to, the following: blisters, muscle strains, joint and muscle soreness, abrasions, contusions, stress fractures, broken bones, spinal cord injuries involving paralysis, and even death. However, if you take certain precautions, the possibility of such injuries will be largely decreased.


Dancers should consistently abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Never tumble unless a coach or coach’s designee is present.

  2. Always practice in the presence of a qualified coach

  3. Always warm-up appropriately before dancing (practice and games) by jogging and stretching.

  4. Do not attempt a stunt that you do not know how to perform safely and that has not been checked off by the coach.

  5. Always dance in an area free from obstruction.

  6. Report all injuries to the coach as soon as they occur.

  7. Follow all trainer and doctor recommendations.

  8. Lift weights to increase strength and guard against injuries.

  9. Always wear shoes and clothing appropriate for dancing

  10. Never wear jewelry of any kind or chew gum when dancing (practice and games).

  11. Eat nutritious meals and get plenty of rest.

  12. Ask for assistance or advice at any time.


I have read the preceding warning and thoroughly appreciate and understand the assumption of risks inherent in dance participation. I acknowledge that I am physically fit and that I am voluntarily participating in this activity.


Student name (print)_________________________________________________________________________


Student signature_________________________________________________________ Date______________


Parent signature__________________________________________________________ Date______________


The following form must be returned to Sra. Leinart or Miss Johnson by

Thursday, Feburary 23rd


     Parental Release Form



Student’s name:___________________________________________________________________




I, ____________________________________________, have read and fully understand the rules and regulations that will govern my son/daughter if he/she chooses to represent LOGAN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL as a dancer. I further understand that this is an extracurricular activity and that attendance at all practices, games, special functions, and summer camp is a requirement of the elected dancer.


I hereby give my consent to my son/daughter, ____________________________________________, to tryout for dancer at LOGAN VIEW and recognize his/her responsibilities and requirements as a leader of his/her school. I understand that, if chosen, my son/daughter will be required to pay for all uniform elements.


Parent name (print)__________________________________________________________________________


Parent signature____________________________________________________________________________


Parent Contact Information Address___________________________________________________


Phone (cell)________________________ (home)_________________


Email address______________________________________________


If I am elected as a dancer, I shall fulfill all of the requirements to the best of my ability as set forth in the LOGAN VIEW DANCE HANDBOOK. I have read these policies and understand that if I fail to maintain these rules, I will be reprimanded according to these guidelines and possibly removed from the team.


Candidate’s name (print)______________________________________________________________________


Candidate’s signature________________________________________________________________________


Candidate’s Contact Information Address___________________________________________


Phone (cell)________________________ (home)_________________


Student email: _____________________________________________


Contact: Amber Leinart