Welcome to 1st Grade!
If you ever have questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Classroom Rules

*Be Safe
*Be Responsible
*Be Respectful
*Class Dojo: The students can earn dojo points and they can lose dojo points.  In Mrs. Vacha's room they earn a reward of a tootsie roll, a smelly sticker, or a special note home when they have 5 dojo points.  When they earn 10 they earn a reward of a piece of gum, a piece of candy, or a prize out of the prize box.

*Reading Street:
-Weekly units
-Weekly word list: We will study a list of words each week.  Each list covers certain letter patterns.  Please feel free to practice these at home.
-We have rainbow words that the students need to be able to read and write by the end of first grade.  Please practice these words when they come home.
*Daily 5/CAFE
-Guided Reading Groups (During Daily 5 the students will be completing 5 different stations.  One station will be meet with the teacher where the teacher will be doing guided reading with them.  The four other stations are read to self, read to someone, word work, listen to reading and work on writing.  The rotations are 15-20 minutes long.
-Minilessons (The minilessons are about 10 minutes long.  During this time we cover the weekly skills from the reading series such as: character, setting, adjectives, etc.)

*Math Expressions/Common Core
-Your child will learn math in an innovative program that interweaves abstract mathematical concepts with the everyday experiences of children. (objects, group work, writing)
*Daily 3
-Students will move through 4 rotations about 20 minutes long.  They are: math at desk, math by myself, math with someone and math with teacher.

*Lucy Caulkin's Writer's Workshop
-Students will complete 4 units in writing
Personal Narrative
Narrative Fiction

*FOSS Science (Hands on Science activities)
-Air and Weather
-Sound and Light
-Plants and Animals

Social Studies
*Follow Nebraska State Standards
-US Government                                    -American Symbols
-Good Citizenship                                  -Holidays
-Community Workers                             -Families
-Me On the Map                                     -World Culture
-Seasons                                                -Long Ago and Today
-Living Environments                              -Landforms and Water
-Oceans and Continents                         -Economics

*BAS: Fall, Winter, Spring
*AIMSWeb: Fall, Winter, Spring
*MAPS: Fall, Winter, Spring
-We will go over assessment data at parent/teacher conferences

*Rainbow Words: These are sight words.  They are very important because these are the words your child will be reading frequently in their books.  We will practice them at school but it is very important that you practice them at home.  They need to be able to read and write them without hesitation.
*Addition/Subtraction Facts: Eventually your child will be bringing home addition and subtraction flash cards.  It is very important to practice these at home.  The students will start multiplication the first week of third grade so we are just trying to prepare them for that.
*Reading from Mrs. Reynolds: If your child goes to Mrs. Reynolds they will have Reading homework each night.  You will know if your child goes to her as you would be contacted beforehand.

Field Trip
*Henry Doorly Zoo
-One of our units in Science is plants and animals and it fits in perfectly with going to the zoo.
-We go in May.
-We love having parents attend.
-We will send home information when it's closer to the time.