Speech Team

What to Expect at a Speech Meet - Student Guide

Speech meets work a lot like track meets.  You're given your time and room in which to speak and your expected to be there ready to go.  Generally, we leave for meets around 6:30am and return to Logan View around 5:30pm.  When you are not speaking, the expectation is that you will use your time to prepare for your next speaking round or that you are supporting our team's other speakers.  In a meet, you can expect to present your speech twice for sure.  If you do well enough in your round, then you will also compete in finals.  By qualifying for finals, you will have earned yourself a metal and points for our team! 

You can compete in up to three events each day.  It is common for novice (inexperienced or new) team members to have 1 speaking event and for varsity members to have 2 events.  Those speakers who are really interested in their content or aren't sure which of their topics will most likely get them to the State competition are most likely to have 3 events.

Etiquette for speakers:  When you are in a round, get there early and stay for the entire round (unless you are double entered). When the last speaker has finished, the judge will dismiss you.  Do not use your phone during a speaker's performance, which includes taking photos or videos of your friends or child.   You can talk softly, text, and otherwise message while the judge is writing comments after the speaker performs.  As you listen to the other speakers, be paying attention to what makes their speech more or less successful than your own as they will likely be your competition at many of our other meets.

Eating at a Speech Meet:  Speech days can be long days, and everyone needs to eat!  Students are responsible for their own meals at Speech Meets.  Sack lunches are allowed since students will generally gather in the gym or common area while not speaking.  Typically, though, host schools will take advantage of a Speech meet and have a concession stand available to anyone willing to pay.  We want to be courteous guests, though, so please to make sure any trash from lunch finds its way to a trash can!

What to Expect at a Speech Meet - Parent Guide

Like track meets, the exact time that your student will speak can be difficult to pin down.  Even if they are listed as the last speaker in a round, it is just as likely that they will be speaking first if many people are double entered (speaking in more than 1 event at the same time).  Just like at a track meet, finals are not determined until late in the day.  One of the easiest ways to stay on track with your student during a speech meet is to use texting.  As a coach, it is also one of the best ways I use to communicate with the team throughout the day.

Etiquette for parents: do not enter a room until a speaker is done speaking. Listen politely to the other speakers, do not use your phone or read a book while waiting for your student during a round.  If you would like to do that, wait outside the room.  Do not question the judges or talk to the judges about your own or another speaker's performance.

Dress Code

Dress as though you were going some place nice.  The more experienced and focused speakers will be wearing dress suits and ties.  It is acceptable for men and women to wear dress shoes and socks, khakis, and a button-down shirt.  Women can also wear skirts or dresses but keep in mind you should still be able to move easily in your shoes and keep in mind that we compete in the winter months.

Contact: Jared Wiemer