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All About Me Book!

Starting after Labor Day, we will begin our All About Me Books. Each student is assigned a week. Please have their books ready to be read on the Monday of that week. Your third grader will share their book with the class, so we can get to know them a little better. I have a template for this book. I can give it to you electronically, via email, or I can print out a paper copy to use. I also have the files on my teacher page. There is a tab on the left side that says All About Me book and all the files are there, with a sample. Just let me know which format you would prefer.

If you would like a paper copy, I will print a color version of the template and send it home with your student. Then you can tape pictures and write in details about your child.

Each student will read their book to the class, and then it will be added to our classroom library.

Let me know if you have any questions. This should be a fun experience for your third graders to share about themselves and a fun experience you can have with them creating it. I can’t wait to see them!



Schdule for 2020-2021

All About me book person:

Week of presentation due:

Kaylen Arnold

September 14

Elijah Buechler

September 21

Keagan Cordes

September 28

Xander Francis

October 5

Eli Grover

October 12

Colby Isaac

October 19

Sammy Jarosz

October 26

Kohen Osborn

November 2

Trentyn Palmer

November 9

Brittany Rahlfs

November 16

Cooper Ruwe

January 18

Addaley Uhing

January 25

Bryon Vollmer

February 1

Mila Volpp

February 8

Molly Volpp

February 15

Mylee Hank

February 22