How to Quit Procrastinating and Get Assignments Done on Time
It can be tempting to put off your assignments until the last minute, but that usually results in work that is subpar. Here are some tips that will help your students prioritize their responsibilities.

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Finding a job is difficult as is, and finding one as a teenager in high school can be even more challenging. You are not only competing with other students but also competing with adults in your job search. This guide will help you prepare, get noticed, and hired. We will walk you through everything from finding the best jobs for high school students and companies hiring younger workers to obtaining working papers and knowing your rights.  https://www.zippia.com/job-search/high-school-jobs/ 

Receive a more personal view into what college can be for your students. It includes articles on finding success in college, how to make friends, what professors are really like, and the questions college asks. 

Any of your students interested in attending college will find this site useful as they prepare for their transition to college life. 



Keep your eyes on the PRIZE
(Hot jobs in Nebraska)

Find out what are the top job opportunities in Nebraska and start aligning your educational/academic/career readiness goals to prepare you for your future.