September Challenge: Golden Tickets for Popcorn!

Each grade has a popcorn bag in a window in the cafeteria. If each grade earns enough Golden Tickets to fill their popcorn bag with 15 popcorns, then we all get a popcorn party!
Our September challenge centers around each class earning enough Golden Tickets for the expected behaviors in shared areas (i.e., hallway, bathroom, recess, cafeteria, etc.) that the WHOLE SCHOOL earns a popcorn party! The intended outcome of this challenge is to see an increase in school-wide behavior expectations and staff systematic supervision. PBIS is not just for the students, it relies heavily on staff support and engagement in all activities under the PBIS umbrella as well. Talk to your students about Golden Tickets! Ask if they've gotten any recently. If they have-celebrate! If not, ask what they can do to get one!



A GOLDEN TICKET is an incentive for students to follow the School Rules (Behavioral Expectations). The purpose of the tickets is to acknowledge and reinforce student behaviors, as well as, develop positive relationships between students and staff.


How do students earn GOLDEN TICKETS?


Staff members should give out GOLDEN TICKETS throughout the school day to the students that are following the behavior rules on our common area behavior matrix.   They should be given out frequently, in a random fashion when we first begin teaching expectations.  Then as students become more consistent with our expectations we deliver GOLDEN TICKETS more infrequently.


What do students do with GOLDEN TICKETS?


Students should bring their GOLDEN TICKETS to their classroom teacher and deposit them in their classroom box.  


What do students get for GOLDEN TICKETS?


At the end of the week, TWO names will be drawn from each classroom box to participate in a special Golden Ticket lunch with Mrs. Scheer. This can include watching a movie, playing dodge ball or other games in the gym, having a picnic outside, or getting an extra treat with lunch.