Gathering as families and welcoming new members!

What is a Family?

Families are a mixed age/grade level group that will get together during the school year.  Staff members are assigned to a Family as well.  

Families will get together at least monthly to engage in cooperative, school community building activities.  The Family concept is focused on our students and staff building connections with one another, as well as our larger Logan View community. Families will also participate in “events” at the end of each semester.  These will be focused on having fun and working together as a team.  


Why are we doing Families?


The PBIS goals for Family are:

  • To build school community and a positive climate.

  • To provide the opportunity for students and staff to get to know each other better.

  • To build leadership and teamwork skills for students and staff.

  • To do all of this in a Respectful, Responsible, and Safe way.