Here are some good websites to support your learning.

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All of the spelling lists we will use throughout the year are on this site. I do not subscribe to the site so you can only do the free activities. However, you can take the test as practice, as well as play several fun games. There is no username or password.

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This is one of my favorite sites! There are lessons and games for almost every subject. My favorite is the U.S. Geography section. This is a great way to practice the locations of the 50 states. Visit this site often!

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This is a great site for practicing reading comprehension skills. Students read a passage and answer questions. The BEST and most HELPFUL part of this site is the "explanation" feature. I require students to read why the answers they chose are incorrect and where to find that information in the passage. Each student has a username and password.

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This is used mainly for math during the school day, but students may also work on grammar lessons. Each student has a username and password.

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Quizlet is an online flash card/study/game site. I have not yet created any of my own sets, but I have added sets created by other teachers. Follow the link above and test yourself or play games. Right now, I only have social studies sets saved to my class.

NSCAS Practice

Nebraska Studies
Go here for videos and articles about Nebraska history.

Link to fun logic games such as Rush Hour.

This is an online library. Students can listen to audio books or read ebooks. The class code is gsv1412.

This is an online reading and math site. Students have usernames and passwords.

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