Logan View Competes at LSE's

Nic Taylor District Champ
Logan View FFA Competes at Livestock Judging
Logan View recently competed in the 12 team District III livestock judging.  Northeast Community College hosted the 3 district contest at the college farm.  The contest consisted evaluation of 6 classes of livestock, 3 sets of questions, 2 classes of cull/keep, 1 set of oral reasons for junior division, 3 sets of oral reasons for senior division and a 25 question industry test.  The contest is separated in two divisions a junior and senior division the top ¼  (3 teams) of the teams in the district qualify for the state livestock evaluation contest.  Schools are allowed to judge 8 members on a team with the top four scores counting.  The Logan View Junior division team finished 2nd behind West Point to qualify for the State competition this coming April.  Individual results include the following:
Jr. Division                                           Sr. Division
Team 2nd Purple                                  Team 8th Red
Cassidy Goering 2nd purple                 Nic Taylor blue
Jaycen Timm 7th purple                      Brett Hull blue
Taylor Gregory 8th purple                   Paige Heinke red
Alex VonSeggern 13 purple                Nick Fauss red
Nathan Taylor blue                             Weston Timm red
Kaylee Ness blue                                 Nolan Miller red
Ashley Uhing blue                               Connor Miller red
Mason Cone blue                                Alex Schissel red

Nic Taylor Wins Public Speaking
Logan View FFA recently competed in the 12 team District III Leadership Skills Events with the top two individuals in each event qualifying for the State Competition this coming April.  District III has grown into one of the most competitive districts with contest often exceeding 17 individuals per competition.  Students competed in 7 individual contests and 3 team activities with students earning 4 points for a purple which were finalists, 3 for a blue and 2 for a red for the sweepstakes contest.  Sweepstakes are divided up between large school over 50 High school FFA members and small school less than 50.
Nic Taylor placed 1st in the Public Speaking contest to earn the right to compete at the State FFA leadership skills contest this coming April on a speech dealing with ways to handle world hunger.  Results for Logan View are as follows:
Public Speaking                                             Jr. Public Speaking
Nic Taylor- Finalist District Champion                        Taylor Gregory Purple
                                                                        Jaycen Timm 1st Blue
Creed Speaking                                              Natural Resource Speaking
Cassidy Goering 1st Blue                                 Logan Rebbe Purple
Brady Hull Blue                                               Ashley Uhing Red
Extemporaneous Speaking                           Cooperative Speaking
Brett Hull Blue                                                            Jenna Johnson 1st Blue Alternate to State
Alex Schissel Blue                                                      
Job Interview                                                 Ag Demonstration
Weston Timm 1st Blue                                    Red: Dylan Schiermeyer, and Nathan Doudney
Paige Heinke Red
Junior Parliamentary Procedure                  Senior Parliamentary Procedure
Agribusiness II Team Blue                              Officer Team Blue
Jaycen Timm, Alex VonSeggern,                    Nic Taylor, Weston Timm, Paige Heinke,
Kaylee Ness, Nathan Taylor, Nolan                Alex Schissel, Brett Hull, Colin VonSeggern
Miller, Morgan Morgan and Brandon
Agribusiness I Team Red
Taylor Gregory, Cassidy Goering, Mason
Cone, Jasmine Hanshaw, Bailey Licht,
Nathan Wacker and Brady Hull
The Sweepstakes contest was won by West Point and 2nd Wisner Pilger LV tied for 4th with Blair.