We are only as strong as the weakest link . . .

The goals of the Logan View Track & Field teams are ones centered around team success.  Yes, we have individual accomplishments, but it is the duty of every Logan View Track & Field member to do his and her job.  Those jobs are centered on a consistent effort each and every day.  If each person does the job asked of them, the team will experience great rewards, tangible and intangible.  Our team, or chain, can only thrive if each link in the chain is strong.  Consistency is what the coaches of Logan View Track & Field are looking for as they award links.  Consistency of effort, consistency of being a positive role model, and consistency of pride in oneself is what great individuals and teams are made of . . .   Without these traits in each and every member, a chain becomes weak.  We strive to award a “link” to every member of the team.

These “links” that are awarded every year are not talent-based.  Some people were blessed with raw, natural talent that simply gets tangible rewards.  But a link stands for all of the sacrifices made by an athlete in an attempt to become better through perseverance. 

So a genuine “good luck” goes out to all who wish to receive a link.  It takes a determined effort to be a genuine link in the chain of the Logan View Track & Field teams.