2015-2016 Logan View Public Schools
Weight Training Syllabus
Period ________   Name  ________________________________________
1.Students WILL lift 4 days a week and participate in an agility/activity day on the 5th day
a.Varsity athletes will be EXPECTED to lift on game days. 
i.You will be EXPECTED to do 75% of your expected weight for the core lifts on game days.  The auxiliary lifts will be still at 100%
b.Doctor’s note or nurse’s note will excuse student from participation, however, the notes need to be specific so the student came remain as active as possible in class.  We have exercises for you to continue to stay active.  If a note doesn't state how long an athlete is out, then after two weeks, that athlete will be expected to fully lift again (or teacher discretion).
c.If you are injured in or from a sport and are unable to get into the doctor, then you must have a note explaining the injury from your coach or sponsor.
2.Students will be graded on a daily basis.
a.Each weights day is worth 10 daily points
b.Students will be expected to do to participate in the workout the school has decided to go with.  It will be a workout where we will rotate every minute with groups of 3 or 4 through stations.  The workout really worked well this summer! 
c.Unexcused will be recorded as a zero for the day
3.Students are REQUIRED to dress out for lifting (school dress code applies)
a.A student that does not dress out can earn a maximum 50% for the day.
b.Students will be expected to dress back into school appropriate clothes at the end of the period that day.
c.The students workout clothes need to be different then the clothes they are wearing during the school day.
d.Students will be expected to shower after every class.
4.Students will be counted tardy 3 minutes after the class bells rings.
5.Students must ask permission to leave the weight room for any reason.
6.Students are expected to do the workout assigned to them on each specific day unless given permission to do any individual modifications.  If students do not follow the workout given to them, they will be downgraded accordingly.
7.Students are expected to lift within the groups assigned to them.  No student will be allowed to lift by themselves.
8.Safety will be discussed and each student waiver must be signed stating they understand proper lifting techniques and spotting.  No student will be allowed to participate in class without instruction.
9.Stereo control will be at the discretion of the teacher.  Inappropriate language on CD’s will terminate student’s choice for the remainder of the class. 
10. You’re final max's will be your final test.  They must be increased from where you started or you will be downgraded accordingly (instructor must see each max out). You must be increasing in auxiliary lifts every two week or you also will be downgraded accordingly.
11.Students will be given a lock by Logan View.  If you want to use your own lock, you must provide the teacher with the combination.  You are not allowed to have supplements of any kind in your gym locker.  If you do not lock your locker and something becomes missing it is your responsibility!
If you have any questions or concerns about Weight Training class please feel free to contact your instructor at the school or via e-mail.
Coach Forbes                         
sforbes@loganview.org ;                                  

Contact: Sean Forbes