Physical Education II

2017-2018 Logan View Public Schools
Physical Education

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Course Objective
-Cardiovascular Fitness is our goal.
-To achieve maximum cardiovascular fitness through different fast paced games and fitness workouts.
-To learn about how the body reacts to different workouts.

Grading Policy
-Students will be graded on a daily based on the following criteria:
Activity Days - (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
10 Total Points
Warm up – 2 points
Activity – 5 points
Miscellaneous – 3 points (Tardiness,
Dressing out, Attitude, ext.)
Fitness Days - (Tuesday and Thursday)
10 Total Points
Warm up – 2 points
Activity – 5 points
Miscellaneous – 3 points (Tardiness,
Dressing out, Attitude, ext.)

Dressing Out-
-Students will be given a lock by Logan View. If you want to use your own lock, you must provide Mr. Forbes with the combination. You are not allowed to have supplements of any kind in your gym locker. If you do not lock your locker and something becomes missing it is your responsibility!
-Students are expected to dress out every class unless informed not to.
-Students need to be dressed in proper physical education attire (t-shirts, shorts or sweatpants, tennis shoes).
-If a student doesn’t dress out, the maximum points they may receive is 5.
-Clothes need to be different then clothes wore during school day.
-Students will be expected to shower after every class!
-Students will be expected to change back to classroom appropriate clothes.
-After every 3 no dress out days there will be a detention.

-A student will be counted tardy if they are not dressed and in the gym three minutes after the bell.

-Doctor’s note or nurses note will excuse student from participation, however they will need to schedule time to make up activity with the teacher. Any class not made up will be a zero in the grade book for that day.
-Unexcused absences will result in a zero for the daily grade and they will not be able to be made up.
- Each day the student misses, will receive a zero and the class will need to be made up on the student’s time (before school run or writing a paper).

If you have any questions or concerns about the Physical Education class please feel free to contact me at the school or via email.


Coach Forbes
(402) 654-3317

Logan View Physical Education Information Sheet

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I have read and understand the rules and procedures for the Physical Education classes. I also understand the grading policies and procedures associated with this class.

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