-The mission of Logan View Public Schools is to educate life-long learners in a nurturing, challenging, and well disciplined environment.


Course objectives:


By the end of this course you will:

- investigate and describe the chemical basis of the growth, development, and maintenance of cells

-identify the complex molecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids) that make up living organisms

-identify the form and function of sub-cellular structures that regulate cellular activities

-describe the cellular functions of photosynthesis, respiration, cell division, protein synthesis, transport of materials, and energy capture/release in cells

-describe how an organism senses changes in its internal and external environment and responds to ensure survival

-identify that information passed from parents to offspring is encoded in DNA molecules

-describe the basic structure of DNA and its function in genetic inheritance

-recognize how mutations could help, harm, or have no effect on individual organisms

-describe that sexual reproduction results in a largely predictable, variety of possible gene combinations in the offspring of any two parents

-explain how the stability of an ecosystem is increased by biological diversity

-recognize that atoms and molecules cycle among living and nonliving components of the biosphere

-explain how distribution and abundance of different organisms in ecosystems are limited by the availability of matter and energy and the ability of the ecosystem to recycle material

-analyze factors which may influence environmental quality

-Identify different types of adaptations necessary for survival (morphological, physiological, behavioral)

-recognize that the concept of biological evolution is a theory which tries to explain the consequence of the interaction of 1.) the potential for a species to increase its numbers, 2.) the genetic variability of offspring due to mutation and recombination of genes, and 4.) the ensuing selection by the environment of those offspring better able to survive and leave offspring

-Explain how natural selection provides a scientific explanation of fossil record and the molecular similarities among the diverse species of living organisms

-Apply the theory of biological evolution to explain diversity of life over time








Required supplies to make you successful in Biology:

            -A THREE INCH binder will help you organize your notes, daily work, quizzes, labs/activities

            -Loose leaf paper for your notes and assignments

            -Pen or pencil; with only blue or black ink ( 2-5 pts will be docked if not followed)

            -A book cover to protect you book from damage

            -A calculator that has scientific notation and log function

-A good attitude, Mr. Kment DOES NOT/WILL NOT tolerate poor attitudes, low motivation, and whining

            ----Student with poor attitudes, low motivation, and frequent whiners will be asked to                      leave and will make up the time at 7 A.M. the following morning




            -Daily Work-5%

            -Quizzes- 20%

            -Labs/Activities- 35%

            -Test- 25%


The Logan View Jr./Sr. High grading scale is used to determine the letter grade:

A+=99-100     B+=92-93        C+=84-85        D+=76-77       F= below 70

A=96-98          B=89-91          C=81-83          D=73-75

A-=94-95        B-=86-88         C-=78-80         D-=70-72


-Grades can be checked on PowerSchool to see your current average.  Make sure to have missing work handed in ASAP to keep you off the downs list.



Citizenship is graded daily.  This is an all or nothing grade that if you behave well in class and follow the rules, you get your points for the day.  If you are being disruptive during class or don’t meet the citizenship standards on the handout you lose ALL your citizenship points for that day.  SIMPLE AS THAT!


Daily Work:

Daily work would be classified as practice problems, worksheets, homework assignments, etc.  Basically if it is not a quiz, lab, activity or test it will be daily work.  Daily work will be assigned to help you better understand the material gone over in class.  It will help you be more prepared for the activities, labs, quizzes, and test. 



Quizzes will be given every once during the unit to check your understanding of the material.  They will be short and to the point.  They may be unannounced, or I may tell you the day before.  The quizzes will tell you what you need to go over and study again, and the quizzes will tell me if I need to reteach a topic.


Labs and Activities:

We will be doing lots of labs and activities.  These are meant for you to further explore the topics we have been going over in class to solidify your understanding.  You will have class time to finish the lab or activity.  If not finished during the class time you can come in before school and finish it up.  Labs and activities are very important for your understanding of the material in this course so take them seriously and explore.



Test will be given at the end of the unit.  A test will cover all the notes, quizzes, labs, and activities we go over.  There will be no surprises on the test. 


Late assignments:

If you do not turn in an assignment at the appropriate time you will get about a 10% deduction for each day the assignment is late.  Also you will be required to come in the following morning BRIGHT and EARLY at 7:30 A.M. to make up the assignment, get it done, or do other homework.  GET YOUR WORK DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This year Logan View students have the opportunity to use computers in the classroom.  Computers will NOT be used as a distraction in Biology.  Computers will ONLY be used for educational purposes such as note taking and research.  If computer is not being used for education the student will be asked to put their computer away.  If a problem exists the student will NOT be able to use the computer in science class.



There is a strong correlation for students that are well organized, and students that are successful in class.  Make sure to keep all your class papers in ONLY  your class three ring binder.  Mr. Kment does not tolerate students going to their locker to find missing and not organized work.  The skill of organization is a life skill that will follow you through college, your future career, and you life.  Now is a great time to learn it effectively. 



It is obvious when you copy your partners work so DO NOT DO IT.  You learn nothing from cheating besides proving to yourself you have poor morals.  If you cheat your work goes in the garbage and you get a zero.



If you are gone, you have two days for every day you miss to turn in your work before it is late.  If you know there is a test or lab coming up and you know you are going to miss it, YOU need to come in and make arrangements to make up the course work. 



If you are stuck on a concept and do not understand, come in and get help.  I will be here early in the morning for students that need help.


EMAIL: jkment@loganview.org


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