WELCOME from Mrs. Stanton

    I am Cathy Stanton and I teach the Life Skills' special education class at Logan View Public Schools.   I have been at Logan View since 2005.  Currently in 2015-2016 we have 5 students either from our district or contracted into LV from neighboring districts. 
    Formerly I taught in South Dakota and Iowa.  I taught in a Life Skills' room in Iowa previous to coming to Hooper.  I graduated from the University of South Dakota in Vermillion with a degree in Special Ed/Elementary Ed.
    I have 2 daughters.   My oldest daughter resides with her husband and 4 children ages 14, 12, 9, and 5 in Elkhorn, NE.  My 2nd daughter lives in Des Moines, IA with her husband and baby Zerah.
     My hobbies are thrifting and refurbishing with trendy Shabby Chic colors and style the old chairs and tables and small wooden items I find in the 2nd-hand stores.    My favorite tv show is Survivor and I take no phone calls during that hour/week when the show is airing.   I live alone in Hooper in a very old home formerly known as 1/2 of a barn and my passion is decorating it with my bargain buys.
     My time at LV has been very rewarding and a true blessing.   The children in my class teach me so much more than I can ever teach them.   They have positive and non-judgmental attitudes and love everyone.    We have good times learning and going on educational outings.   My staff of 3 paras is the true backbone of the class and the dedication they have toward these students is a gift to the kids and the district.

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