Welcome To Industrial Technology

Mr. Gansebom began teaching a Loganview during the 2015-16 school year. The Industrial Technology curriculum has had signifigant changes and improvement.

Our introductory class  is a 8th Grade- Technical Science class.
In this class students explore the trades that are specifically related to the lumber industry. Examples such as carpentry, cabinetry, and other construction occupations are typical. This class is half classroom and half woodworking lab. Students enjoy the variety of the class as well as hands on skill development.

Introduction to the Built Environment. This class is designed to develop skills in students by creating a individual who has technical knowledge about industry, safety, materials, design, and equipment. The students will develop a awareness in the construction, and manufacturing areas.This course serves as an introductory course to all other course offerings in the Skilled and Technical Sciences Department. Attention is given to career opportunities and options for students that may choose a path other then a 4 year college.
Welding is a beginning level course that introduces students to basic knowledge and skills required in manufacturing along with basic welding skills in numerous welding processes. Welding Processes Include : ( SMAW) - Shielded Metal Arc Welding.  (GMAW) - Gas Metal Arc Welding. (OFC) - Oxy-Fuel Cutting, ( TB) - Torch Brazing. (TS) - Torch Soldering. Currently in 2021 there is a extreme need for welders nation wide. The occupational outlook for the welding occupation is very bright.
The Advanced Welding course builds on previous welding  skills and introduces students to other welding methods and opportunities to advance welding skills. Welding Processes Include : (SMAW) - Shielded Metal Arc Welding, (GMAW) - Gas Metal Arc Welding. (OFW) - Oxy Fuel Welding. (PAC) - Plasma Arc Cutting. (GTAW) - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. (OFC) - Oxy Fuel Cutting. Students are prepared for entry level opportunities in welding careers.

The Woods course introduces students to developing skills in measuring, safety, planning, machine operation and production. Students will develop skills in woodworking and machine operations as well as maintenance. Today there is demand for skilled workers and this career area is a great value for many of our students.

Advanced Woods builds on students skills including fabricating cabinets,  doors,  drawers,  hardware,  edge banding, and laminates.  Construction methods and materials is demonstrated and learned as well as skill development. Advance machine processes will be incorporated to further encourage and develop  employability skills. Lumber related employment opportunities continues to be a large part of national employment scene.

Skilled and Technical Sciences is a introductory class to technical skills required in the trades including communication, measuring, tool and equipment safety and work ethic development. Students will identify work characteristics that may or may not appeal to to them to as well as strengths and weaknesses to build on. Students gain a vision of the big picture of the world of work.

Mr. Gansebom has a son Aaron and daughter Rachel. Mr. Ganseboms Wife is Accounts Payable Specialist . They currently live in Fort Calhoun -Nebraska.

Contact: Tony Gansebom