Scholarship lists are not available on just one site.  It is very important that you conduct numerous scholarship searches (several sites are available at the bottom of this page), contact the college you plan to attend to find out about their scholarship opportunities, view the list that is available in Naviance (this list only contains specific scholarships that have been sent directly to me), and don't forget to check on the local scholarships that are highlighted on this page (local scholarships become active after January 1 every year.)
There are numerous scholarships that are available, too many for me to list each one on a specific site.

Winning the scholarship game
Follow these tips to increase your chances of earning scholarships:  

Don’t pay for scholarship services! Free resources include ScholarshipQuest at, your school counselor’s office, and EducationQuest offices in Omaha, Lincoln and Kearney.
Focus on college-based and local scholarships. You’re more likely to earn them over large national awards.
Continually update your activities, honors and volunteer or paid jobs using the Activities Resume at
Earn the best possible ACT/SAT scores by taking the exams in the spring of your junior year and again in the fall of your senior year.
Use quality references such as a teacher, coach or counselor. Give them advance notice, a specific deadline, and a copy of your Activities Resume.
Ask at least two people to proofread your application. 

Check out the webinars, samples and tips that Education Quest has available to help students with their scholarships.  Click Here

Do you want your scholarship application to stand out?  Click Here


Listed below are all of the local scholarships (Available after December 1)
Majority of them will need to be turned in to Mrs. Hanel.  If you have any questions about any of these opportunities, please ask Mrs. Hanel. 

All local scholarships will use the same cover page.  The cover page is a fill-in form that you can fill in the information, include the name of the scholarship that you are applying to, and print. (Cover page can be found below)

Make sure you click on the local scholarship listed below to find out about the criteria and if additional information needs to be submitted with the cover page.
Most local scholarships are due by March 1.