3rd – 6th Grade Intervention Enrichment Program Mission Statement

Logan View Public Schools 3rd – 6th Grade Intervention Enrichment Program is designed to increase opportunities to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills. Identified students work through open-ended; project based learning situations and scenarios in either a collaborative or autonomous environment. The program is designed to offer experiences and activities beyond the regular curriculum that challenge students to be constructive and independent thinkers. The Enrichment Program places a heavy emphasis on STEM, STEAM, Language Arts, and Music, with the goal of making cross-curricular connections and to explore real life applications. 

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Program Goals

1. Engage students in project-based-learning activities and challenges.

2. Promote teamwork, persistence, leadership, and self-direction.

3. Promote 21st Century Competencies including critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

4. Engage students in projects that consist of integrated disciplines.

5. Provide students with a range of learning opportunities in order to explore a variety of interests. 

 Enrichment Project Photos

Rube Goldberg machine construction and testing

Final marble run construction

Urban Planning and 3D Sketchup Design

Orienteering and compass navigation lesson

Bridge design and construction challenge