Sid Ready

Sid Ready lives by Scribner with his wife Ruth and their children. Three of the four are in various stages of college. Sid and Ruth run a family farm as well as teaching the upper level sciences for Logan View and BIOS 1010 for Metro Community College. Ready holds a Bs. in Natural Resources and Agronomy from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. He also has a masters in Applied Science with emphasis on Plant Biology. Additionally Mr. Ready has earned teacher certification from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Mr. Ready loves to highlight the inter relationship between the topics of Biology and Chemistry with the world we live in. Practical examples from the farm, our health, our food, and our functions encourage student interest and participation.

February 4, 2016
Even when the snow is piling into huge drifts and students are home doing homework, there is plenty for a teacher to do! Started out Tuesday with a trip to the ditch feeding the cows and calves. Energy is required every day, but cold weather multiplies the energy needs of any organisms living exposed to the elements. This includes the cows. Any observant student of living organisms noticed this the last few day! The cattle hit the hay feeders and open corn stocks with a vengeance, tanking up with energy! They even practically ran me over when feeding them the daily protein allotment. So when Mr. Ready found his cows in their shelter in the wind, their perceived attitude was "why are you bothering us?!"

This little life experience is yet another example of the the application of Biology, every day, all day long! Check out the class page for another topic of interest we have studied lately.

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