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8th Grade: Week 5

date 09/13/2017 author Becky Thumann category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

We're already halfway through a tough week full of tests. The kids are doing pretty well considering it's Homecoming Week, too.
This week:
- We're doing TWO MAPs tests: Language Usage and Reading
- We've taken a Unit 1 final test
- We've begun learning about text annotating
Today, we took notes over how to properly annotate - how to analyze and read complex text. This seems to be a fairly new concept for them, but will serve them well as they move into high school. This will be especially important for when they start taking the ACT.
Next week, the plan is to finish up with the "mini-unit" on annotating, and then we'll discuss how to properly take notes/why we take notes.
I don't know if you've noticed or not, but in the gradebook, I've started keeping track of "preparedness". We're really working hard on remembering to bring ALL of our stuff to class. Today, about 90% of the kids had all of their things. This is markedly better. :) I'm just trying to cut down on those trips out of the classroom to their lockers.
Things to Talk About at the Dinner Table: Anchor books! I promise this won't be for much longer! I know you're probably tired of hearing me talk about it. :)
** I kind of geeked out this week - I ordered the kids their very own novels for our next book. They'll be able to keep them and write in them. We're going to annotate an entire book. I'm so dang excited. (I think that must be how you know you're definitely an English teacher...?)
If you have any questions about anything, please just let me know! Have a great rest of the week!